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Both tournaments were held at Caesars properties. Monetizing the millennial remains a challenge for casinos, as the demographic doesn’t fancy the slot machine nearly as much as generations prior. Millennials also consist of 18- to 20-year-olds, who aren’t yet old enough to legally gamble in Atlantic City. The US Census Bureau reports millennials are now America’s largest generation. Atlantic City recently became a nine-casino town with the welcoming of Hard Rock and Ocean Resort. Gross gambling revenue through May is down 4.3 percent, or $46 million. Casino operators are relying on new forms of visitation to support the expansion. Hard Rock is betting on A-list entertainment and concert acts, while Caesars seems committed to the millennial. Some casino execs believe the millennial is more enticed by so-called “skill-based gaming machines,” devices that combine elements of skill with luck.  But just six months after Caesars Entertainment installed 21 such machines at Harrah’s, Caesars, and Bally’s, the company pulled the terminals after they failed to resonate.  Caesars Senior VP Melissa Price admitted it was a learning experience. Showboat, a non-casino Boardwalk hotel, launched a weekend millennial-focused expo series last summer.

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High-tech 4D slot machine debuts at San Diego casinos

As a devotee of old-style, flat-screen video poker machines, I was immediately drawn to the lively and ultra-realistic looking graphics. How realistic? When I hit a bonus and coins started spilling out onto the screen, they seemed to be coming right at me — and I ducked! Just by moving my hands, I was controlling the screen. By drawing certain shapes in the air, like hearts or a crown, it launches different graphics (changing the screen from night to day, for example) or launches a bonus round. Santana clued me in that it would easier to make the infinity symbol, which unleashes a magic butterfly you want catch, if I just made a gesture that looked like an 8. I was reminded how bad I was at drawing. My “crown” took several attempts to nail. To put the cosmetic changes to the screen in some context, they’re like Snapchat filters. As much as I wanted the faux lions to roar — a good thing, winning-wise — I was startled every time they did (a bad thing for my image).

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